Roll manufacturer

On ist way from the production up to the delivery of your products to the customers permanent quality maesurements are the standard.
A microscope of the DotScope series unifies many applications in one device. The consequent use of the divers functions enables you to optimise your production process.

Process sequence

Process sequence roll manufacturer

Your advantages using a DotScope mini:

  • Measurement of the roll during the production process
  • High measuring comfort because operation is intuitively detectable
  • Serveral measuremnets and their storage in an extern database
  • Per One-Klick
  • Creation of local reports
  • Import of pictures in the report
  • Creation of a certificate for the customer

  • The DotScope mini is optimal related to your production process. In addition to many measurements, it allows a high measering comfort, since the device is intuitive to operate. The measurements takes only some seconds. The revolver enables a fast change of the objectives for the measurements of different screens.