DotScope wide view

This 3D measuring microscope is equipped with a special feature that offers new possibilities for manufacturers of rollers and cylinders as well as for users of embossing rollers. With a larger field of view of up to 3290 x 2460 µm and a diagonal of 4100 µm, the DotScope wide view enables the measurement of coarser structures. It is the ideal tool for measuring embossing rolls or coarse coating rolls and documenting their quality. Screens from 6 l/cm can be analysed.

The device is equipped with LM-Plan lenses with infinity optics. So far, such lenses have only been used in measuring devices of significantly higher price classes. The lenses 5x NA0.15, 10x NA0.30 and 20x NA0.40 are used as standard. These high-resolution lenses enable an exceptional quality of the captured images.

DotScope mobiles 3D Mikroskop
DotScope wide view

Fast Scan

Chrome rollers are typically scanned at 20 µm/s when using the 10x lens. With the 5x lens, structures can be scanned at up to 100 µm/s. I.e. a 1000 µm high structure is captured in 10 seconds.

Control buttons and focus knob on the DotScope wide view

The DotScope mini has control buttons and a knob to focus directly on the device. With the focus knob you can adjust the focus very quickly and precisely, as you are used to from a manual microscope. The control buttons are used to control functions, such as starting a measurement, saving a measurement, displaying the live image, and resetting the stepper motor position indicator. These functions are particularly useful when a large number of measurements have to be carried out or when a depth measurement has to be determined very quickly. This allows the software to be operated remotely, i. you can stay on the device.

Integrated xy-adjustment and lens turret

These two features are essential in the embossing area. With the xy adjustment and a 5x objective, a specific detail of the roller is approached. Afterwards, the objective turret can be used to change to the 10x or 20x objective without losing the measuring position and further analyses can be carried out in the form of a 3D scan or a simple depth measurement.

Mobility at the highest level

The DotScope wide view is compact, lightweight and robust, and can be transported together with a notebook with one hand to the printing cylinder. Since the DotScope only requires a USB connection, a high degree of mobility is achieved. The low power consumption in combination with a notebook easily allows a multi-hour network-independent use.

Intuitive to use software

The associated software has a modern design and can be operated by anyone in a short time, even without training, making it ideal for production use. Only one software is needed for all applications such as halftone, gravure, flexo and embossing. Perfect data preparation includes one-click saving of a measurement, report creation in different languages and layouts, and a database export. You can find more information here.

Application examples:

Technical specifications:

  • Camera sensor resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Roll diameter: From 60 mm to flat
  • Maximum vertical scan range: 3000 µm *)
  • Weight: 2,9 kg

  • Lens Max. measuring field size *) Max. camera resolution Screen range
    5x 3290 x 2460 µm² 2,57 µm/Pixel 6...25 l/cm
    10x 1645 x 1230 µm² 1,28 µm/Pixel 12...50 l/cm
    20x 822 x 615 µm² 0,64 µm/Pixel 24...80 l/cm

    *) Other optics, measuring field sizes and scanning ranges on request.