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Gravure 3D microscope
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Anilox 3D microscope
Anilox 3D microscope


03 2023

Improved 2D functions

For engraved gravure cylinders, the 2D measurement method offers a fast and reliable way to determine the cell shape. The DotScope software offers improved functions for this, such as self-aligning measuring lines and improved algorithms for measuring etched gravure cylinders.

02 2023

Magnetic base for Inline measurement

A magnetic base allows the DotScope to be securely attached to the anilox roller without slipping or moving. Measurements with a tilt angle of up to 90 degrees are possible. Especially for corrugated printers, measurements on anilox rolls are possible in the installed state.

10 2022

Database application

DotScope, the quality assurance tool, offers
new functions for anilox roll management. With the database application you can manage all rolls and cylinders in the simplest way.


What our customers say:

  • I got a question from one of our customers regarding the proper microscope to measure the cylinder cells. I would like to recommend your DotScope as the only good choice.
    Tomasz Płatek, Production Manager
  • Perfect, with DotScope we can make our measurements much faster. Instead of a half hour we make it in five minutes !
    Bernd Lensch, Manager Assembly