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DotScope eco: The perhaps smallest and most lightweight 3D microscope in the world

3D microscopy pure. By elimination of the xy adjustment and controls on the device, the DotScope eco also offers the same high-performance 3D functions as the big brother DotScope mini for the price-sensitive area. The operation is done here only via the DotScope software. Even with the DotScope eco, you can easily create 3D views and readings of microscopic structures. The use is very simple: Bring the tool to the desired lateral position, move to the surface or top position and then click only on the measurement button. The microscope adjusts the lighting, taking images of different focal planes and the connected PC calculates from these image stack a 3D model. It will automatically detect the surface and align the 3D model to this surface. Also, the screen is thereby determined automatically. A typical measurement takes only 15 ... 20 seconds. The rapid image acquisition also decreases the influence of external vibrations on the measurement result. A database application completes the offer.

Nosepiece for fast change of magnification

The nosepiece with three different lenses allows a quick search of individual dots in your print form. The 5x-lens provides the overview, the other lenses provide the accuracy in the measurement.

Option: Magnetic base for inline measurement

Corrugated printers in particular are faced with the task of being able to measure anilox rollers in their installed state. The magnetic base allows the DotScope eco to be used on rollers with steel cores that are difficult to access. The magnetic base allows the DotScope eco to be securely attached to the anilox roll without slipping or moving. Measurements with a tilt angle of up to 90 degrees are possible.

Mobility at the highest level

The DotScope is compact, lightweight and robust, and can be transported together with a notebook with one hand to the printing cylinder. Since the DotScope only requires a USB connection, a high degree of mobility is achieved. The low power consumption in combination with a notebook easily allows a multi-hour network-independent use.

More information about the software can be found here.

Application examples:

Technical specifications:

  • Camera sensor resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Roll diameter: From 60 mm to flat
  • Maximum vertical scan range: 2600 μm
  • Weight: 2,0 kg

  • Lens Max. measuring field Min. optical resolution Screen range
    5x 1400 x 1060 µm² 1,10 µm/Pixel 15...60 l/cm
    10x 700 x 530 µm² 0,55 µm/Pixel 30...240 l/cm
    20x 350 x 260 µm² 0,27 µm/Pixel 60...600 l/cm

    Other optics, measuring field sizes and scanning ranges on request.

    A comparison overview of the DotScope microscopes can be found here.