Application anilox rolls

The DotScope is used in 3D mode to measure anilox rolls. High-quality plano optics enable use in the screen range 15...600 l/cm. Lens turret and autofocus allow comfortable working. The measurement is fully automatic so that the operator has no influence on the measurement result. The high measuring speed and the optimised workflow enable the operator to work quickly.

Dip volume

As a measurement result, a 3D model is created that contains precise depth information. The dip volume of the roller is then calculated from this.

Screen and screen angle

During the 3D measurement, the screen and screen angle are determined automatically. Special screens such as Hashuren, GTT® or SteppedHex® are also processed perfectly.

Profile depth

During the 3D measurement, the cell depth is determined automatically.

Profile sections

Aus dem ermittelten 3D-Modell können beliebige Profilschnitte erzeugt werden. Damit kann z.B. die Ausformung der Zwischenstege untersucht werden.

Series measurement

The highly efficient serial measurement combines a large number of measurements in a single measurement protocol. When working with a DotScope mini, there is often no need to interact with the computer during the measurement. Control is then exclusively via the DotScope and enables extremely fast operation. The scope of the series measurement is freely configurable. For anilox rollers, a 3x1 series measurement is often used, i.e. three measurements, one each on the left, the middle and the right side of the roller. If higher demands are made on the accuracy, a 3x3 measurement can also be used, for example. In this case, a total of 9 measurements are carried out, whereby the mean value of 3 measurements is processed further in the measurement report or in the database. The series measurement can be saved and continued at a later time. The measured values are also saved as a CSV file and can then be further processed in Excel, for example.

Measurement protocols

For anilox roll measurement, adapted measurement protocols are available, showing e.g. a roll view.

Comparision reports can be created very easily, e.g. documenting the result of a roller cleaning.


The DotScope database application provides comprehensive anilox roll management to manage a variety of anilox rolls. For example, it is possible to see at a glance which anilox rollers can be useed and wich cannot.

Magnetic base

For inline measurement thes DotScope eco is available with a magnetic base. This allows the DotScope to measure up to a tilt angle of 90 degrees. This allows the DotScopes to be used in very confined spaces.


Of course, all the 2D measuring tools are available, e.g. to measure wall width or cell openings.

Video comparision report
3d microscope anilox roll
Anilox roller with hexagonal screen
3d microscope anilox roll GTT
Anilox roller with a fine GTT screen
volume measurement anilox roll
Screenshot DotScope software