Printing house

End products of high visual quality are your passion. To do this, you use high-quality raw materials, manage your machinery and monitor the use of consumables.
To allowance a quality management for your rolls you should use a microscope like a DotScope. There are different advantages you will profit of. For instance you have got different report- and storage options. On this way you can check and compare diverse quality parameters.

Process sequence

Process sequence printer

Your advantages using a DotScope eco:

  • Entrance examination of the roll
  • Wear monitoring of the roll
  • Several measurements and its storage in a database
  • History view
  • Per One-Klick
  • Creation of reports

  • The DotScope eco can be used in a process-oriented manner. Because of its intuitive usage it is easy to integrate in the operational processes. With its weight of only 2 kg the DotScope eco is very mobile. The revolver enables a fast change of the objectives for the measurements of different screens.