Application examples flexo plates and rolls

With the DotScope you can perform both 2D and 3D flexo measurements. The 2D measurement is faster, while the 3D measurement provides precise depth information. You can measure classic flexo plates as well as direct engraved elastomers. The high measurement speed and the optimised workflow allow the operator to work with a high speed.

Dot% value:

The DotScope already has for 2D measurement very powerful algorithms for the fully automatic recognition of printing surfaces, which can also process microstructures without any problems. If there are any measurement problems, you simply switch to the 3D range. The measured 3D model now supports dot percentage determination and can also handle difficult cases.

Screen and screen angle:

For both 2D and 3D measurement, the screen and screen angle are determined automatically.

Profile depth:

During the 3D measurement, the relief depth is determined automatically.

Dot compression simulation:

The dot compression simulation can be used to simulate the dot increase due to a certain compression during printing. This function is also very helpful for directly engraved elastomer printing forms, which often have a certain edge rounding on the dot surfaces. A pure 2D measurement would always determine too small dot% values in such cases.

Profile cuts and undercut measurement:

Any profile cuts can be created from the determined 3D model. This can be used, for example, to analyse the flanks of the dots.

Series measurement for dot% measurements:

The highly efficient serial measurement combines a large number of measurements into a single measurement report. When working with a DotScope mini, this often requires no interaction with the computer during the measurements. The DotScope alone is then used for control, allowing extremely fast operation. This is useful, for example, when measuring colour bars. During a series measurement, you can repeat measurements or switch between 2D and 3D measurements. You can save the series measurement and continue the series measurement later. The measured values are also saved as a CSV file and can then be further processed in Excel, for example.

Measurement reports:

Adapted measurement protocols are available for flexo measurements, e.g. showing the dot% value.

Stand of the DotScope:

The stand of the DotScope is suitable for both plates and rollers.


Of course, distance measurements in the plane, depth measurements or angle measurements are also possible.

Video DotScope Flexo Application
3d measurement flexo printing form
Measurement of a flexographic printing plate
portable 3d microscope flexo printing plate
Screenshot of the DotScope software
3d measurement flexo printing roll
3D view of a flexo direct engraving rendered in real view
3d microscope flexo printing plate
3D view of a light tone
Flexo dot percent measurement
Dot% measurement of a flexo cliche