Database Application - the tool for anilox roll and gravure cylinder  management

Many users of anilox rolls are faced with the task of selecting the right anilox rolls for the next printing job. The wear or cleaning status of the rolls should also be monitored. The new DotScope Database Application offers the optimal solution for this. Volume, depth and screen measurements made using a DotScope can be easily transferred to the database with one click.

Anilox rolls overview

DotScope database application

All available rolls are displayed in a tree view and can be assigned to definable groups if required. For large roll stocks a search function is available. The most important data of the currently selected group are displayed in list form.

Filtering and sorting

DotScope database roll management

The list view of the entire roll stock or any subgroup offers the possibility to sort according to any parameters. A configurable filter function to search according to various criteria is also available.

Data view of a single roll

DotScope database cylinder management

For single rolls, all available data is displayed in a clear form. The individual measurements are available chronologically and the development over time of the scoop volume can be output as a chart. By selecting a reference measurement, the capacity is calculated as a percentage. The visual impression of the reference measurement and the currently selected measurement are displayed. Special measures such as refurbishment or cleaning can be stored in a history.

Gravure cylinder

The database works for gravure cylinders with specific data. Thus, a trend analysis for the cell depth is possible. Values such as cell length and transverse diagonal and channel are recorded and and channel are recorded and displayed by the database. In addition, a history can be created for each job.

DotScope Datenbank Tiefdruckzylinder Management

DotScope Datenbank Tiefdruckzylinder Management
Video DotScope database application