Option: Magnetic base for Inline measurement

Corrugated printers in particular are faced with the task of being able to measure anilox rollers when they are installed. The magnetic base allows the DotScope eco to be used on rollers with hard-to-reach steel cores. The magnetic base allows the DotScope eco to be securely attached to the anilox roll without slipping or moving. Measurements with an angle of inclination of up to 90 degrees are possible.

Technical notes:

  • Maximum tilt angle +/-90 degrees
  • For roller diameters smaller than 150mm, the magnetic force is significantly reduced. Measurements with a large tilt angle are no longer recommended or possible here.
  • The magnetic force depends on the magnetic properties of the roll core, the layer thickness of the non-magnetic coating of the roll and the roll diameter.

  • Video DotScope with magnetic base